As you know, TAGLaw® is a worldwide alliance of independent law firms.


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From Argentina to Kenya, from Malaysia to the United Kingdom, and many countries in between, we are very pleased to have worked with member law firms in over thirty countries.




With the ___ of globalization, our clients increasingly face both challenges and opportunities in global markets.  Our
ability to connect them with local representation in foreign jurisdictions that will provide them with the high quality expertise and responsiveness they have come to rely on us for has never been more important.  We view our ability to expand our service offerings through our membership in TAGLaw® as an extension of the excellent service we provide to our clients.

Whether drawing on the local knowledge and perspective of member firms in other jurisdictions or providing proactive and quick advice to member firms about issues within our own jurisdiction –being able to connect with fast, reliable and accessible legal advice in so many jurisdictions throughout the world is a valuable resource.








Key natural resources are the foundation of British Columbia’s economy.  Many additional industries have formed to support the growth of our province’s economy.  We have developed specific expertise in the broad range of industries and professions in which our clients operate, including:

• Financial Services
• Health Care
• Local Government
• Maritime
• Real Estate
• Transportation


Our firm offers deep experience across a broad spectrum of practice areas, including:

• Aviation
• Banking & Insolvency Disputes
• Business Law
• Class Actions
• Commercial Litigation
• Construction & Engineering Law
• Criminal Law
• Critical Injury
• Defamation, Privacy & Media Law
• Directors & Officers Liability
• Environmental Regulation & Disputes
• Estate Litigation



• Family Law
• Health Law
• Insurance Law
• Mediation & Conflict Management
• Professional Regulation
• Real Estate Law
• Securities Regulation & Litigation
• White Collar Crime
• Wills & Estates
• Workplace Law



Our depth of expertise enables us to help you in any way you need. Following are a few examples of work we have done for other member firms:

• Acquisitions
• Assistance with corporate searches
• Bankruptcies
• Commercial issues
• Corporate financing
• Document service
• Due diligence searches
• Employment agreements
• Escrow monies
• Estates
• Intellectual property litigation
• Manufacture and importation issues
• Personal injury cases
• Purchases of machinery
• Registration of foreign judgments
• Regulatory issues
• Securities
• Transfer documents
• Trust accounts
• Variation of child support orders



The client was exteremley pleased:

Alex Lever of Nysingh (Netherlands) referred a client to us in 2015 who was looking to acquire a competitor in British Columbia.  The acquired firm also had employees in Wisconsin, and we were able to retain von Briesen to look after US employment and corporate matters there.  The client subsequently hired a North American director of sales from a competitor out of New Jersey.  We were also able to retain Bressler, Amery & Ross in New Jersey to look after the employment matters and restrictive covenant issues that arose in that jurisdiction.  The client was extremely pleased with the exceptional service they received from the TAGLaw firms.


Taglaw collaboration at it’s best:

In early 2013, we were contacted by a Quebec wine agent who had been given our name by Alain Menard of Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells (Quebec, Canada).

The agent had just entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the largest global wineproducers and distributors out of California who had terminated its exclusive agreement with one of the largest agents in Canada.  The previous Canadian agent sued the California distributor for breach of the exclusive agreement and was claiming significant damages in the multi-million dollar range.


We were eventually retained by the California distributor to defend the action in British Columbia.  We worked in conjunction with the distributor’s California counsel out of San Francisco.  A conflict arose with respect to the client’s San Francisco counsel and we were able to retain Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP (San Francisco, California, USA), to look after a specific matter in the litigation.




We were eventually able to successfully resolve the matter for the client through negotiation and mediation with the CFO of the Canadian distributor.  Subsequent to the settlement, we were retained to act on another matter by our client’s San Francisco counsel who has continued to refer work to us.

A month or so after the settlement, we were asked by Blaine Tunnicliff of Zhong Lun Law Firm (Shanghai, China) whether we knew of an agent in Canada who could supply ice wine to China.



We were able to recommend our California client and also the Quebec agent who had referred the file to us initially as well as the Canadian agent who had sued our client.  Even though none of our recommendations were selected by Blaine’s client, we were subsequently contacted by the Canadian distributor who had sued our California client to act for it in another litigation matter in B.C. since it was appreciative of the referral despite having sued our client.

This illustrates TAGLaw collaboration at its best.


Quick Response Impressive:

Our firm acts for a major Canadian bank which specializes in commercial financing and venture capital designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Our client had lent money to a helicopter company and took security on three helicopters as well as other assets of the borrower.



In February of 2011, we were provided with official notice that one of the helicopters, a Bell 407, had been seized by US Homeland Security in Texas and was subject to a forfeiture order.  It was alleged that the helicopter was owned by a Mexican drug lord who had been convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison in the US.  However, it was represented by the borrowers that they owned the helicopters and were unaware of its use for criminal activities.

We were advised that we would have 30 days in which to file a Petition in Texas to avoid losing the helicopter. Thankfully we were able to quickly retain Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. (Dallas, Texas, USA) who set to work immediately to obtain an order for the release of the helicopter to our client.

Steve Harr recommended Greg Noschese of his firm’s business litigation group who has significant expertise in the recovery of assets and had dealt with Homeland Security in the past.  Despite the complex criminal issues and multiple creditor claims, Greg was able to expeditiously obtain an order for recovery of the helicopter.  We are happy to say that the helicopter has been returned to Canada and it is now in our client’s possession.

Our client was extremely impressed with the ability of our network to respond so quickly and to obtain such an outstanding result in the face of overwhelming challenges.  We are extremely grateful to Steve Harr, Greg Noschese and their colleagues at Munsch Hardt for the excellent work they did on our and our client’s behalf.


Founded in 1998, TAGLa®w is an international alliance of high-quality, independent law firms.

In 2017, Chambers Global ranked the alliance “Elite” – the highest rank awarded to legal networks.

The TAG Alliances comprise three groups:

1. TAGLaw®;
2. TIAG® (The International Accounting Group); and
3. TAG-SP™.

Collectively, the TAG Alliances provide legal, accounting, financial and business support services on a worldwide scale.

Member Firms

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Offices Around the World


TAG Alliances serve tens of thousands of clients from all industry and commercial sectors. Read more about TAGLaw® here.





John is the chair of Harper Grey’s commercial litigation group.  In addition to his general commercial litigation practice, John has developed expertise in a number of niche areas, including corporate shareholder / oppression disputes, the defence of directors and investment advisors, the enforcement of foreign judgments, complex contractual disputes, and litigation relating to family corporations and family trusts (including matrimonial disputes), to name only a few.




John has a passion for challenging litigation, and has earned a reputation for tireless efforts in defense of his clients’ rights

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