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We help people who have suffered brain injuries.


When you or someone you care about has suffered a brain injury, you’re vulnerable. We will help you take the first steps towards recovering your health and your life.

At Harper Grey, you’ll find the support and legal expertise you need to assist you in your recovery and secure the compensation you deserve.

Brain Injury & Litigation

From a legal perspective there are 3 critical stages in cases that involve a brain injury:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment &
  • Prognosis
  • Diagnosis

    In brain injury litigation, more so than in most other conditions, it is important to have knowledgeable counsel marshal the appropriate evidence to ensure a defensible diagnosis early in the process while the primary evidence is still available.

    Generally, when it comes to the initial treatment of brain injuries the diagnosis is either overlooked or made in an informal manner that will be subjected to scrupulous investigation in the litigation process.

    The value of a case may be critically dependent on whether one is diagnosed with post concussion syndrome or a DSM V major cognitive disorder due to Traumatic Brain injury.


    Significant recovery can occur over a short period of time if the appropriate treatment is received in the right environment. In addition, it is important that baseline testing be performed so that symptoms attributable to the organic injury can be identified. It can be difficult to establish that ongoing symptoms are related to an organic injury as opposed to other conditions associated with the trauma of the injury and recovery process such as fatigue, depression, malaise and pain otherwise.

    It is important to get assessed and have a treatment plan put in place as soon as possible to ensure that you have access to appropriate resources and receive the best treatment.


    Most medical experts will not be able to provide an opinion on the prognosis of a brain injury until at least two years after the injury. This can result in delays in settling claims and can create financial hardship as people may be required to finance expensive care requirements with no, or limited, ability to earn income.

    It is impossible to predict how a brain injury will develop.

    Our Approach

    Over years of practice we have seen first-hand how the long term consequences of a brain or head injury can profoundly impact on the way a person lives and deeply affect the victim’s family.

    Our role extends beyond providing assisting in obtaining financial compensation.


    Our approach is focused on helping clients get their lives back on track.

    We start by considering the legal actions and implications, while securing immediate access to physicians and other health care providers needed for physical recovery.


    We take a personal interest in our clients and are dedicated to carefully guiding clients along their recovery pathway, helping them access the legal, financial and community support they need to live a healthy and engaged life.

    We also connect clients with educational, financial and vocational consultants that help bring about a stable and sustainable return to an active, well-rounded life.


    The assistance we provide affects all aspects of our clients’ lives, including support for families and re-integration with the community.

    We look at recovery from a holistic perspective and harmonize the critical support necessary to achieve optimum outcomes for both our clients and their families.

    A Typical Case

    For a better understanding of the legal process I invite you to follow the journey of my clients Julian and Janie.

    Julian suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, extensive orthopaedic injuries and post traumatic stress when the vehicle he was driving was involved in a head on collision. Julian and his wife Janie, who was a passenger in the vehicle, sought out Harper Grey for support as they faced the devastating effects of the accident.

    Julian & Janie’s Journey

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    Our Competitive Advantage

    We work cooperatively with your family, care team, insurers and other involved parties until a settlement is reached.

    There are four key competitive advantages we leverage on behalf of our clients:

  • Insurance Law Expertise
  • Health Law Expertise
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Substantial Resources
  • Insurance Law Expertise

    We work with the major insurance companies and many of their examiners and adjusters.

    We pride ourselves on being fair, reasonable and professional.

    Health Law Expertise

    We have a long history of representing physicians in British Columbia. We know the best experts for each specific case.

    Our knowledge of the medical community allows us to focus on rehabilitating clients and creating an environment that allows them to succeed.

    Harper Grey will arrange access to the experts who are relevant to your case.

    These may include: forensic engineers, accountants and economists, vocational and education consultants, doctors, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, case planner and other health care workers and rehabilitation, educational and general purpose support workers.

    Collaborative Approach

    We work cooperatively and respectfully with all involved parties.

    As much as possible, we try to remove the stress from litigation.

    Substantial Resources

    We utilize the resources of our firm to ensure that clients receive all of the treatment, rehabilitation and support necessary to recover from their injuries.

    In some cases, we will fund specific care needs through a loan agreement until the matter has been resolved. We will fund all disbursements and will not receive payment of fees until the matter has been resolved.

    Harper Grey has been successful in obtaining multi-million dollar settlements for clients who have suffered brain injuries. Every case depends on its own circumstances, the extent of injury and the amount of insurance money available.



    I’m Michael Thomas. I am the Chair of Harper Grey’s Critical Injury Group.

    “The stakes are high for my clients – it’s someone’s future that I am responsible for – which really brings home the personal aspect of practicing law.”

    My practice is focused on people that have suffered an injury that has had a significant effect on their life.

    When I represent someone who has suffered a critical injury we embark on a journey together and share a spectrum of experiences. When I initially meet clients they are injured, often uncertain and sometimes desperate. While the path ahead can be long and hard what makes it all worthwhile is creating an environment that enables my client to succeed with his or her life. Knowing that his or her financial future is secure is a key part of this process.

    I have appeared before all levels of court in British Columbia, various tribunals, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Recognized by Best Lawyers® in Canada 2016 and 2017 as a leading lawyer in the area of Personal Injury Litigation

    What my clients say:

    “We are extremely grateful to Harper Grey for their assistance by advancing the much needed funds to pay for our brother’s lengthy rehabilitation. Harper Grey ensured that he was cared for by the best medical team and because of this, he was able to make an exceptional recovery.”
    —Rebecca, Sister of Client

    “The doctors may have saved our son’s life after he suffered a catastrophic brain injury, but Harper Grey is responsible for the quality of life he lives today.”
    —Paul, Father of Client

    Making the Right Impact

    During my career, I have had a front row seat to the devastating impact of traumatic brain injuries. The increase in concussions and spinal cord injuries arising from legal body checks in youth hockey galvanized me to action. Our firm made the commitment to devote our time, energy, passion and money into something that would actually make a difference.

    In conjunction with the Rick Hansen Institute we initiated an informational campaign highlighting the relationship between bodychecking and permanent lifelong harm to youth hockey players with the goal of changing Hockey Canada’s position on allowing bodychecking at the Bantam level.


    Make the Right Impact

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